Friday, February 20, 2009

Jan. 21 minutes

Oh, friends, I am sorry. Been swamped lately, and getting far too far behind with my Slow Food responsibilities. Here are your sadly belated minutes from Jan. 21, followed promptly by the also-belated mintues for Feb. 11.
Slow Food Yamhill County Minutes
January 21, 2009

In attendance: Nicole, Lucy, Judi, Susan, Nanette, Rick

I. I. Bylaws. Judi presented four potential changes to the bylaws (sections 2, 8, and 9). SR moved to approve bylaws as amended. LF seconded. Unanimous approval.

II. II. Committee for information packets. Lucy and Nicole to update/amend brochure to make more informative for potential members. Lucy to update actual brochure and Nicole to draft something for an insert to the brochure outlining where the membership money goes.

III. Mission Statement. All recognized that we had adopted a MS in December.

IV. IV. First Quarter Member Meeting. Scheduled a board meeting for February 11th at which time we will: approve brochure, continue programming, review email list, update on Victor Manor garden, set agenda for public meeting, review nominations, decide who gets emailed minutes and such, and other as it comes up. Scheduled a PUBLIC meeting for March 4th at which we will: hold elections, reeducate members on 2009 goals. It was decided that proof of payment will qualify one to be eligible to be on the board.

V. V. Programming. Set: February 24th – Power of Community, talk with Bill Bradbury. April- Kulla talk on winter gardening. Victor Manor garden-Spring.

VI. Miscellaneous.
§ Susan will not be renewing her membership and thus will not be running for a place on the board.
§ Lucy thought it would be neat to have a documentary of local food producers.
§ Rick had a long list of great ideas that made me too interested to take notes.

§ Lucy: update brochure and get out to Board for review. Contact library for Kulla date. Work on map. Go through email list with Judi.
§ Nicole: Where money goes insert to Lucy. Contact seed company and set talk date for Feb/Mar. Send out email to general interest group informing: here we are, this is what we are doing, this is how you might get involved, we love food, etc. Work on map. Contact/dates for bee talk. Complete SFU survey.
§ Judi: Add edits to bylaws for final perusal (though we already approved them). Draft letter of intent for VQ garden. Go through email list with Lucy.
§ Nanette: Continue to work with VQ residents on VQ garden.
§ Rick: Cast lines for those who might be interested in talking/hosting potluck/etc. Think of materials that the library might want to carry.
§ All: Review bylaws, brochure, and LOI and get comments back. Continue to think positively about Slow Food.

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