Thursday, June 4, 2009

April 13 meeting minutes

Slow Food Yamhill County Meeting Minutes

April 13, 2009

In attendance: Lucy, Nicole, Rick, Judi, Mike F, and Marilynn, a guest.

1. Sue Buel Nature Day.

Mike brought seeds: fava beans, lettuce, and magenta orach. Lucy to make a ¼ page transplant handout with our website on it and a plant growth poster. (9-11). Nicole (9-11). Rick to bring banner (9-2). Judi (10-12) to bring a table, plants, and perhaps a plant book. Nanette (12-2). Nikki might arrive in the afternoon. Wear name badges.

II. Talks.

Native Pollinators. Zusee Society, Matt Shepard.

Winter Gardening. May 30. Kullas.

Permaculture. Jacki Dole?

III. On the brochures…do we have an email address? What is it?

IV. Events Committee

Village Quarter Garden Proposal being reviewed by YCHA lawyer.

Potluck at Distillery—Nikki

Canning. Judi contacted Holly Berry to explore various options.

Dolce Farms potluck on hold.

Potluck with Yamhill Valley Peacemakers. Perhaps 6-28,7-19 or 8-2?

Talks: chicken talk: next spring; Lucy to get dates from library. Lawn to garden; vermaculture. Rick continues to look for presenters.

Tastings: grape cultivars. fruits. cheese.

V. Voting. Not ready, no date set. Dues are expiring.
VI. Projects.

Documentary-Lucy. Slow going.

Yamhill County Nutrition Task Force—Nicole. Very interesting.

VII. Slow Food.

We are officially recognized by national!

Nicole to send out general email.

Next meeting May 6th!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 4 Meeting Notes
Please note: These are my recollections of the discussion and I am not presenting what follows as official minutes except where voting was involved on Item 4.
Judi H.

In attendance: Susan Ruggles, Rick Throngburg, Nannette Villarreal, Nikki Shoemaker, Travis Orback, Mike Fahey and Judi Herubin

1. Village Quarter Garden: Master Gardeners are reviewing document, 3 of the 4 have responded with comments. Nanette and Judi will update document with all comments and submit the draft to the Executive Director at the Housing Authority for comment. The goal is to have a final document ready for signature from all three parties by March 31, 2009.

For future action: The garden as proposed does not fit the criteria for a community garden because it is for the residents of the property. Nanette has suggested that the residents choose the name when they meet to organize.

2. Mike Fahey explained two projects he has in the works. The first is a community garden site near Linfield. Mike is in the planning stages and is seeking interested parties to participate. He is currently has plans to meet with representatives from Greenfield and plans to meet with his neighbors if needed. Mike did not request any action from Slow Food at this time.

The second project is a proposed community event in the “Power of Community” mode with a focus on local food. The Peacemakers have decided not to take this event on and there was a suggestion that Slow Food be the main sponsor of this event. Members in attendance thought the idea had great potential to fit into what we have planned and it was requested that Mike write up an outline of what he envisions for the event and submit it to Slow Food for further consideration.

3. Review of other events and status: We seem to have a lot going on although the details of some events are not yet clear. We had at one time set a goal of having at least one event per month. We had an event in January and a co-sponsor presence in February. It does not appear we have an event in March but April looks very busy.

I have included a table below that show the events and projects that came to mind. I know it would help me to see what we have in the works in a format like this. Let me know what you think and if people find it useful I will get it updated and keep it going.

Event/Project Date Status Lead Results
Tableland 1/16/09 complete Judi/Nanette Small crowd, movie well received
Power of Community II 2/24/09 complete Susan Great event, Slow Food was a co-sponsor and had representatives and flyers at the event. Six people requested to be added to our info/event list
Seed Talk TBD Lucy/Nicole ?
Bee Talk TBD
Annual Meeting TBD – April? Nicole
Sue Buell Nature Day 4/18/09 ? Lucy?
McMinnville Fruit Tree Project TBD Lucy/Judi ?
Potluck at Tad and Mary’s farm (wine and spirit makers) TBD – May? They are willing – date to be set Nikki
Book share events TBD New Rick ?
Earth Day at Wednesday Wines April 22 New – emailed contact 3/5 for more info Judi
Nutrition Project with Public Health Meetings in progress Nicole

Provider List 4/15/09 – 1st draft Set deadline so Judi would get started Judi
Documentary Lucy
Newberg City Club 3/17/09 On track Nicole speaking Lucy contact
Slow Food Reports TBD Nicole for National
Susan for Financials
Farm Tour TBD TBD
Village Quarter Garden 3/31/09 – signed MOU In edits - on track Nanette
McMinnville Farmer’s Market presence Apps are due between March 16 and April 1 I thought we had discussed this at one point?
Canning classes TBD Judi ????
Winter Farm tour at Oak Hill TBD – soon? Lucy
4. We had a general discussion about marketing and it was decided we are ready for a banner. Susan made a motion that Slow Food to purchase a 2x6 banner ($36.00 at Copy Cats) Nanette second. The motion carried. Rick is going to work up a proof and will email the board for approval before ordering.
5. Susan brought information on the pending 2009 Legislation on Oregon Farm to School and School Gardens. Copies of the information were passed out to all in attendance. The group had some questions and it was decided to table the issue until the next meeting.
6. Next meeting: It was agreed that we needed to have another meeting a.s.a.p. and it was decided that the Board should reconvene on Wednesday, March 11, 2009, 5:15 p.m. at Village Quarter to review original agenda for 3/4/09, renew discussion on Oregon Farm legislation and the Power of Community III if that information is available by the meeting.
7. Travis would like to be added to the meeting minutes emails.
8. Adjourned.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Feb. 11 minutes

Slow Food Yamhill County
February 11, 2009 Minutes

Attend: Judi, Nanette, Lucy, Nicole, Rick, Susan. Public: Nikki Shoemaker

1. Confirm bylaw adoption, discuss public meeting/elections. Bylaws adopted at last meeting. Public meeting/hearing: JH move to hold off until we are ready (probably April) and combine it with a fun event. NV2nd. Unan-aye. Side note: NM to call Dolcci farms about having that potluck at their place after the lambs come. Perhaps combine with potluck.

1.5 Rick Thronburg. LF put on table, JH moved to formally recognize Rick as a board member with full voting rights. LF2nd. Unan-aye (NM absent).

2. Village Quarter. Review comments regarding Memorandum of Understanding. NM move to send on to HAYC as is. LF2nd. Unan-aye. Lucy to ask Kullas (and others) for old, noncommercially viable seed for this and other projects.

3. Publications. Review comments on brochure…overall it is okay. Go ahead and pass out old brochures until we run out, then these. Put Valley Creek Farm on farm map.

4. Newberg Community Talk. Tueday March 17th. Nicole and Rick can do it if Newberg still wants us. Lucy to have brochure and (hopefully) map done. We can mention April potluck. Lucy to contact Newberg.

5. Power of Community. February 24th. SFYC has no real responsibilities at this though we will wear nametags, help collect canned food, and hand out brochures. SFYC will also have table space to put brochures/posters/etc. Judi to make nametags. Initial count of who will attend: Nannette, Judi, Lucy, Rick. We will have the opportunity to talk to Bill. There will be a POCIII in June.

6. Programming. February Bill Bradbury. Nicole to ask SFU about ‘promotional materials’. Lucy to work on a poster(s). Lucy to call Kullas re winter farm tour. NR: it is okay to sell seeds at library. Rick is talking with Oregon Tilth. April-Dolce Farms potluck. April 18th “Family Nature Day” at Sue Buel School. SFYC to have ‘seed planting station’ or some such thing. Lucy is contact, details to follow. April- Dolce Farm potluck/public meeting. May- winery tour…Nikki Shoemaker to talk to winery contacts regarding potential tasting/potluck at a winery/vineyard. An altenrative would be to have it at one of two distilleries (Ransom Wine and Spirits) or the Honey mead guy. Potential to have bee talk at Honey mead location?

7. Documentary. Lucy gave rundown on documentary idea, working with Linfield student Mike McDowell, etc. In short: A documentary of local food producers here in the County. A snapshot of various producers representing various aspects of food (e.g. vegetables, fruit, grains, meat, spirits, other?) In theory Lucy would organize and conduct all interviews with Mike filming and then following up with editing work. Cost to be very low. NM moved for SFYC to support Lucy in this endeavor, NV 2nd, unan-aye. Potential external funding/showing: Soil and Water Conservation, Extension, MACA, Ch 11, Library.

8. Community Health Project with Sara Bates (Yamhill County Health Services). Would like SFYC’s continued participation on the task force. Judi Herubin to serve as primary, Lucy and Nicole as alternates.

9. Sue Buel. No idea about garden. See above for “Family Nature Day”. JH moved to support SFYC involvement in Nature Day, NM 2nd, Unan-aye.

10. Email list. Judi to be responsible for email list. Likely to be broken down into: board members, SFU members, and general interest group.

11. Miscellaneous.
What is happening with Yamhill County agricultural study? Lucy to email Mary Stern and ask about it and ask if she wants SFYC emails.
Local Food Companies. Lucy has collected (large) list of food companies in Oregon. Would like to pass it on. Lucy to send Nikki S. list of companies in Yamhill County and she will share what she knows.

Next meeting: March 4th. 5:15 p.m. Village Quarter. Board meeting, public is welcome.

Jan. 21 minutes

Oh, friends, I am sorry. Been swamped lately, and getting far too far behind with my Slow Food responsibilities. Here are your sadly belated minutes from Jan. 21, followed promptly by the also-belated mintues for Feb. 11.
Slow Food Yamhill County Minutes
January 21, 2009

In attendance: Nicole, Lucy, Judi, Susan, Nanette, Rick

I. I. Bylaws. Judi presented four potential changes to the bylaws (sections 2, 8, and 9). SR moved to approve bylaws as amended. LF seconded. Unanimous approval.

II. II. Committee for information packets. Lucy and Nicole to update/amend brochure to make more informative for potential members. Lucy to update actual brochure and Nicole to draft something for an insert to the brochure outlining where the membership money goes.

III. Mission Statement. All recognized that we had adopted a MS in December.

IV. IV. First Quarter Member Meeting. Scheduled a board meeting for February 11th at which time we will: approve brochure, continue programming, review email list, update on Victor Manor garden, set agenda for public meeting, review nominations, decide who gets emailed minutes and such, and other as it comes up. Scheduled a PUBLIC meeting for March 4th at which we will: hold elections, reeducate members on 2009 goals. It was decided that proof of payment will qualify one to be eligible to be on the board.

V. V. Programming. Set: February 24th – Power of Community, talk with Bill Bradbury. April- Kulla talk on winter gardening. Victor Manor garden-Spring.

VI. Miscellaneous.
§ Susan will not be renewing her membership and thus will not be running for a place on the board.
§ Lucy thought it would be neat to have a documentary of local food producers.
§ Rick had a long list of great ideas that made me too interested to take notes.

§ Lucy: update brochure and get out to Board for review. Contact library for Kulla date. Work on map. Go through email list with Judi.
§ Nicole: Where money goes insert to Lucy. Contact seed company and set talk date for Feb/Mar. Send out email to general interest group informing: here we are, this is what we are doing, this is how you might get involved, we love food, etc. Work on map. Contact/dates for bee talk. Complete SFU survey.
§ Judi: Add edits to bylaws for final perusal (though we already approved them). Draft letter of intent for VQ garden. Go through email list with Lucy.
§ Nanette: Continue to work with VQ residents on VQ garden.
§ Rick: Cast lines for those who might be interested in talking/hosting potluck/etc. Think of materials that the library might want to carry.
§ All: Review bylaws, brochure, and LOI and get comments back. Continue to think positively about Slow Food.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jan. 7 2009 minutes

Jan. 7 2009 minutes
Present: Rick Thronburg; Darryl Alt, Katie Kulla, Nanette Villarreal, Yanira Vera, Judi Herubin, Susan Ruggles, Nicole Montesano, Mick Cowles, Patty Mundy, Beverly and David Norman, Leslie Blanding
Absent: Lucy Falcy (excused)

Review of proposed bylines. Susan suggested the number of board members should be five to seven, given the difficulty we have had in recruiting members to attend meetings, then later suggested a range of up to 9 members. Judi questioned what other sections that might affect. Extensive discussion followed.
Susan also suggested term limits; the suggestion was adopted.
Discussion tabled until later in the meeting.
Discussion with Master Gardeners David and Beverly Norman, who coordinate the McMinnville Community Garden at the Salvation Army, and Master Gardener Darryl Alt. Yanira Vera from the Housing Authority, which owns Village Quarter, attended.
Nanette noted that Slow Food wanted to help Village Quarter residents plant a community garden in the rooftop planting beds, and was asking the Master Gardeners for advice and assistance. Slow Food’s ideas were that the residents could grow some of their own food, and perhaps also food to donate to local food pantries.
The Master Gardeners toured the rooftop gardens, to get an idea of the possibilities. Four large planter boxes are available for use.
The Normans strongly advised that the garden be run by a committee, rather than relying on a “lynchpin” person.
David Norman warned against starting with too ambitious a program, so they don’t recommend a formal “Row for the Hungry” at the beginning.
He said it should not be very expensive to get the project started, and that the Master Gardeners might be able to help. The Community Garden might also be able to donate seeds, and that the Newberg High School program also might have extra seeds. Katie Kulla said that Oakhill Organics also has extra seed.
Nanette noted that Slow Food would need to submit a letter of intent to the Housing Authority outlining a proposal for the project, and said the Housing Authority would provide a budget.
Beverly Norman said the Community Garden could provide some of the forms it uses, as a template, and talked about how the Community Garden went about becoming self-supporting, and forming a steering committee. The Community Garden charges participants $15 a year, which includes not only a garden row for personal use, but also water, seeds, fertilizer and advice. It also requires two four-hour workdays a month.
The same model wouldn’t work at Village Quarter, because it’s a different set-up. She said that it could be more relaxed, and that the gardens should reflect what the residents want to grow, and what will grow within the site’s limitations of size, wind exposure and altitude.
David Norman stressed that the residents must feel ownership for the project to work.
The Normans said they are willing to act as liaisons and work with the residents.
A residents’ meeting was scheduled for January 20th, at which the project was to be introduced; the Normans volunteered to attend.
They said there probably is not enough room for residents to each have their own garden space. The individual horse troughs might be used to grow herbs and flowers.
Judi said she’d like Slow Food’s role to be encouraging residents with activities like pot lucks and recipe-sharing.
Nanette is to report back to the board at its meeting on Jan. 21.
The board decided to postpone the year’s first big membership meeting until after the bylaws are completed.
Bylaws discussion was resumed. Judi to collect Lucy's comments, revise bylaws draft according to the suggestions made, and bring back on Jan. 21.
On Jan. 21, the board is to discuss creating a mission statement; forming a committee to create a membership packet for new members and the revised bylaws.
Rick Thronburg has collected several dvds: A Man Named Pearl; The Future of Food and Food Matters, that Slow Food may borrow for public showings.
On Feb. 24, the second Power of Community Event will take place, sponsored by the Peacemakers. Bill Bradbury will make a presentation on Climate Change.
The next meeting will be Jan. 21 at 5:15, at Village Quarter.