Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jan. 7 2009 minutes

Jan. 7 2009 minutes
Present: Rick Thronburg; Darryl Alt, Katie Kulla, Nanette Villarreal, Yanira Vera, Judi Herubin, Susan Ruggles, Nicole Montesano, Mick Cowles, Patty Mundy, Beverly and David Norman, Leslie Blanding
Absent: Lucy Falcy (excused)

Review of proposed bylines. Susan suggested the number of board members should be five to seven, given the difficulty we have had in recruiting members to attend meetings, then later suggested a range of up to 9 members. Judi questioned what other sections that might affect. Extensive discussion followed.
Susan also suggested term limits; the suggestion was adopted.
Discussion tabled until later in the meeting.
Discussion with Master Gardeners David and Beverly Norman, who coordinate the McMinnville Community Garden at the Salvation Army, and Master Gardener Darryl Alt. Yanira Vera from the Housing Authority, which owns Village Quarter, attended.
Nanette noted that Slow Food wanted to help Village Quarter residents plant a community garden in the rooftop planting beds, and was asking the Master Gardeners for advice and assistance. Slow Food’s ideas were that the residents could grow some of their own food, and perhaps also food to donate to local food pantries.
The Master Gardeners toured the rooftop gardens, to get an idea of the possibilities. Four large planter boxes are available for use.
The Normans strongly advised that the garden be run by a committee, rather than relying on a “lynchpin” person.
David Norman warned against starting with too ambitious a program, so they don’t recommend a formal “Row for the Hungry” at the beginning.
He said it should not be very expensive to get the project started, and that the Master Gardeners might be able to help. The Community Garden might also be able to donate seeds, and that the Newberg High School program also might have extra seeds. Katie Kulla said that Oakhill Organics also has extra seed.
Nanette noted that Slow Food would need to submit a letter of intent to the Housing Authority outlining a proposal for the project, and said the Housing Authority would provide a budget.
Beverly Norman said the Community Garden could provide some of the forms it uses, as a template, and talked about how the Community Garden went about becoming self-supporting, and forming a steering committee. The Community Garden charges participants $15 a year, which includes not only a garden row for personal use, but also water, seeds, fertilizer and advice. It also requires two four-hour workdays a month.
The same model wouldn’t work at Village Quarter, because it’s a different set-up. She said that it could be more relaxed, and that the gardens should reflect what the residents want to grow, and what will grow within the site’s limitations of size, wind exposure and altitude.
David Norman stressed that the residents must feel ownership for the project to work.
The Normans said they are willing to act as liaisons and work with the residents.
A residents’ meeting was scheduled for January 20th, at which the project was to be introduced; the Normans volunteered to attend.
They said there probably is not enough room for residents to each have their own garden space. The individual horse troughs might be used to grow herbs and flowers.
Judi said she’d like Slow Food’s role to be encouraging residents with activities like pot lucks and recipe-sharing.
Nanette is to report back to the board at its meeting on Jan. 21.
The board decided to postpone the year’s first big membership meeting until after the bylaws are completed.
Bylaws discussion was resumed. Judi to collect Lucy's comments, revise bylaws draft according to the suggestions made, and bring back on Jan. 21.
On Jan. 21, the board is to discuss creating a mission statement; forming a committee to create a membership packet for new members and the revised bylaws.
Rick Thronburg has collected several dvds: A Man Named Pearl; The Future of Food and Food Matters, that Slow Food may borrow for public showings.
On Feb. 24, the second Power of Community Event will take place, sponsored by the Peacemakers. Bill Bradbury will make a presentation on Climate Change.
The next meeting will be Jan. 21 at 5:15, at Village Quarter.