Thursday, June 4, 2009

April 13 meeting minutes

Slow Food Yamhill County Meeting Minutes

April 13, 2009

In attendance: Lucy, Nicole, Rick, Judi, Mike F, and Marilynn, a guest.

1. Sue Buel Nature Day.

Mike brought seeds: fava beans, lettuce, and magenta orach. Lucy to make a ¼ page transplant handout with our website on it and a plant growth poster. (9-11). Nicole (9-11). Rick to bring banner (9-2). Judi (10-12) to bring a table, plants, and perhaps a plant book. Nanette (12-2). Nikki might arrive in the afternoon. Wear name badges.

II. Talks.

Native Pollinators. Zusee Society, Matt Shepard.

Winter Gardening. May 30. Kullas.

Permaculture. Jacki Dole?

III. On the brochures…do we have an email address? What is it?

IV. Events Committee

Village Quarter Garden Proposal being reviewed by YCHA lawyer.

Potluck at Distillery—Nikki

Canning. Judi contacted Holly Berry to explore various options.

Dolce Farms potluck on hold.

Potluck with Yamhill Valley Peacemakers. Perhaps 6-28,7-19 or 8-2?

Talks: chicken talk: next spring; Lucy to get dates from library. Lawn to garden; vermaculture. Rick continues to look for presenters.

Tastings: grape cultivars. fruits. cheese.

V. Voting. Not ready, no date set. Dues are expiring.
VI. Projects.

Documentary-Lucy. Slow going.

Yamhill County Nutrition Task Force—Nicole. Very interesting.

VII. Slow Food.

We are officially recognized by national!

Nicole to send out general email.

Next meeting May 6th!