Thursday, October 30, 2008

Minutes of Oct. 27 meeting

Present: Lucy, Susan, Rick Thronburg

I. November 15 forum with YValleyPeacemakers and Cool Mac. Lucy will be speaking either on City stuff or on SFYC stuff (Nicole has since volunteered to speak if necessary). Barbara Boyer might also be speaking on ag. Stuff. Will show movie “Power of Community” and then have a panel discussion on our community. Lucy to verify if they want City talk so that she can clear it with the City. A light lunch might be served but that begs the question: what type of food and is there potential liability for ‘home-cooked’ foodstuffs. YVPeacemakers to find out or to reschedule from 12-3 to 1-4. SFYC to co-sponsor event.

II. Brochure. Mostly done, needs some additional information. We went through and looked at it.

III. Rick (Judi-please add Rick to the mailing list ) He has a marketing background and wants to help. He is just learning about us but he might be able to give a talk on ‘knives’.

IV. Finance. Susan turned in the 3rd Quarter report and would like a vote to determine if she can continue turning in quarterly reports rather than monthly.

V. Misc. Nicole- Fees expire on Dec. 31st. Does this mean that all memberships expire then? What if we don’t have 20, etc.?
Lucy will talk to Kullas about their ‘cheap website’. We recognize that the blog is not really meeting our needs and that a website would much more.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Local turkeys available

We received an e-mail from Jack Murphy of Hope Springs Farm, who has local turkeys to sell, for those of you looking for your Thanksgiving bird.
Jack's message follows:
Our turkeys are pasture raised - truly pastured, not the fake “free range” many industrial producers sell. They are treated with
NO antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, herbicides, or other yuk. They are fed conventional feed, not organic, which is unfortunate but for many reasons our best option (email for the two-page explanation!).The taste of these turkeys compared to the conventional Butterball is dramatic. We guarantee you’ll be pleased. They are processed and delivered vacuum packed on specific dates in November and December for you to freeze for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and whenever else. They can be cut into parts and/or ground as turkeyburger on Nov. 9 and Dec. 22 for an additional charge.

Whole birds are $4.50/lb (15-25 lb bird). We will have turkeys ready at the McMinnville First Baptist Church parking lot (2^nd & Cowles) 4:00-6:00 PM on the date you choose. Salem deliveries will be on Thursday November 13, and Portland deliveries on Saturday November 15 (time and location TBA). For bulk or cooperative orders, we can make
other delivery arrangements.

Please let us know how many turkeys you want on each of the following days by emailing us at
or calling 503-835-0672.

_Dates available_
No preference (we’ll let you know what works best)
3 November
9 November (cut & grind optional this day)
12 November
Salem orders delivered Thursday November 13
14 November
Portland orders delivered on the 15th .
22 December (big birds! Cut and grind optional this day)

Jack also said:
I also noted that you recently had a dinner that featured ciderpressing. I am nearly obsessed with making apple cider, and put together a manually operated grinder/press late last year. It's gotten a great workout this year, and I thought you might want us to help out next year, or maybe even this year. There are plenty of apples left on the trees!
Thanks, Jack. We hope to see you at one of our potlucks, or maybe an upcoming meeting.
Nicole M.

Latest update

Congratulations to Seth and Leslie for a great presentation. We had a wonderful turnout that filled the room, and several people signed up to be added to our e-mail list. Librarian Jenny Berg has invited us to repeat the series again next year; she said the library was very happy with it. Let's talk about ideas for that.
Coming up, as Susan noted below, we're co-sponsoring a movie with Cool Mac and the Yamhill County Peacemakers on Nov. 15. The movie is "The Power of Community. More to follow on that in a later post.
We've had a wonderful first 10 months, and done some exciting things: monthly potlucks that have consistently drawn large turn-outs from the public; a three-part lecture series at the McMinnville Public Library that drew a lot of public interest; a canning class by the OSU Master Food Preservers Program; a bean planting project at local elementary schools by Red Fox Bakery last spring; hand-outs at the City Fair in September and of course our upcoming movie. We joined Slow Food USA, and created a mission statement you can find on this blog. Angelina created a terrific list of reasons to eat local food that we've been handing out to people, and Lucy is working on a formal brochure about our group. We've got a farm and csa list created, that we plan to post online as soon as we get a website set up. And, of course, we've got our blog. We've applied for grant funds to allow us to put on a county farm tour next fall, and the Soil and Water Conservation District has volunteered to work with us in setting it up, assuming we receive the grant.
I think next year is going to be even better and more productive, and I can't wait to see what the energy and imagination of this group will produce.
Nicole M.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Gardening presentation on Saturday

Leslie Blanding and Seth Johnson of Figment Farms will speak about turning your lawn into gardening space to grow your own vegetables, from 2 to 4 p.m. in the Carnegie Room at McMinnville Public Library, 225 N.W. Adams St. Admission is free. We look forward to seeing you there.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Oct. 13 minutes

Sorry so late, I’ve been sick. Lucy.

Oct 13th 2008 Minutes.
Present: Lucy, Nicole, Judi, Aimee, Marsha Macke

I. Potluck. Went well. Approx 30 attendees. Contest went well and got people thinking about creative/different recipes. Cider press was a fantastic addition and should be repeated next year with our without an apple themed meal (jury is out on that one). It might be neat to have a manual grinder to get more people physically involved. The press was from Mike Bahee. Next year perhaps we could pair or follow up with a talk on what to do with cider…jelly, etc. We might also want to consider a talk on ‘all things to do with apples.’ Thank you Dan Brown for hosting…we heard that you enjoyed it an we might call upon you again. For future consideration, Mark Bialy of Carlton Cider Works does french style apple cider (hard). A tour might be nice.

II. How to eat lawn talk. Judi has sent materials to NR. And has mailed to general interest list. She will touch base with the library but will NOT be there on the 25th. Seth & Leslie. Thank you. Do you need anything?

III. Membership. We are up to 12 members but still need AT LEAST 8 more to make our requried minimum. We are considering moving meeting days back to Wednesday. For next meeting, please come up with the following: a list of what people can do; a 2009 goals list; and a thought on our current catchphrase “Expanding access to locally-grown and produced food for everyone in the region.”

IV. Misc.
Angelina is to put updates on the blog (see Nicole).
(Note from Nicole; I've forgotten what this was about, so you'll have to see Lucy!)
November event: Peacemakers showing of Movie at Linfield. Susan and Nanette are contacts and need to get a date scheduled. Judi will also be communicating with them and let Lucy know if you want a farmer on the panel so that Lucy can get one.
December Potluck is in a house in MAC…perchance a ‘holidays from around the world theme’
January event: potential showing of “Tableland” and potluck. A challenge due to availability.
Nicole to get a bee speaker for a February meeting.
Lucy to come up with draft brochure by October 27th!
Lucy to call about grant.