Thursday, October 30, 2008

Minutes of Oct. 27 meeting

Present: Lucy, Susan, Rick Thronburg

I. November 15 forum with YValleyPeacemakers and Cool Mac. Lucy will be speaking either on City stuff or on SFYC stuff (Nicole has since volunteered to speak if necessary). Barbara Boyer might also be speaking on ag. Stuff. Will show movie “Power of Community” and then have a panel discussion on our community. Lucy to verify if they want City talk so that she can clear it with the City. A light lunch might be served but that begs the question: what type of food and is there potential liability for ‘home-cooked’ foodstuffs. YVPeacemakers to find out or to reschedule from 12-3 to 1-4. SFYC to co-sponsor event.

II. Brochure. Mostly done, needs some additional information. We went through and looked at it.

III. Rick (Judi-please add Rick to the mailing list ) He has a marketing background and wants to help. He is just learning about us but he might be able to give a talk on ‘knives’.

IV. Finance. Susan turned in the 3rd Quarter report and would like a vote to determine if she can continue turning in quarterly reports rather than monthly.

V. Misc. Nicole- Fees expire on Dec. 31st. Does this mean that all memberships expire then? What if we don’t have 20, etc.?
Lucy will talk to Kullas about their ‘cheap website’. We recognize that the blog is not really meeting our needs and that a website would much more.

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