Friday, September 5, 2008

Monday meeting agenda

A reminder everyone:

We have a meeting next MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th.

At a minimum, the agenda will cover the following:

- Finalize YC Cultural Coalition Grant.
- Presentation by Sarah Bates of the Yamhill County Public Health regarding a grant that she has received to study, amongst other things, nutrition in the County, existing resources, and community (food) needs.
- Details from Judi regarding September Canning Class.
- Potluck last minute touch-ups.
- Schedule for fall/winter events.

Lucy Falcy

Sarah is looking for information from us, as well as informing us about the new Community Health Advisory Council, which will assess community resources and needs and then develop a workplan. Nutrition is just one aspect of the grant, but it's one where we might be able to work with Public Health in coming up with some projects.
Please plan to attend the meeting to hear Sarah's presentation and add your thoughts.
Nicole M.

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