Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We're getting excited for Friday!

I hope to see lots and lots of folks at our Farm to School meeting this Friday! RSVPs are ringing in around 40, which is great to see! Several local school nutrition programs will be represented, and someone from Ecotrust's Farm to School Program too, and Paul Hudak, and Barbara Boyer! It's going to be an awesome conversation.

To wet you appetite for our conversation, here are a few great articles about Farm to School I've run across recently. Enjoy!

1. The USDA is doing a census of Farm to School programs this school year, with the hope of identifying barriers that they face and helping pave the way for easier adoption of F2S programs across the country.

2. The Capital Press reported recently that institutions (schools, hospitals, etc) are becoming more interested in purchasing directly from farms.

3. Colleges report that enrollment in agriculture programs is up.

4. The Farm is relevant again in this Washington school district. What a great story!

See y'all on Friday (if you need details/directions to get there, click on the "events calendar" tab above!).

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