Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nov. 15 board meeting minutes

November 15, 2008 Minutes
Attend: Lucy, Nanette, Judi, Nicole; Absent: Susan (excused)
4:05 p.m. -7:50 p.m.

Slow Food- To be or not to be.
Discussion. NM- Yes, embodies our intent; JH: yes- we are establishing and growing, need to talk to SF about reducing fees; NV: yes, want to learn more about and get more knowledge; LF: yes, many people are recognizing it and expressing enthusiasm.
NF: motioned to remain with SF; LF: Second. In favor: unanimous.
NM to put together an ‘insert’ of where the SF application fee money goes (to what causes). This will go in brochure.
Associate member? JH: table for now but look into it further for ’09? NM: potential issues with national rules. We need to find out options and see where we are by June 1st.
Mtgs. NM: Chapter board needs to meet monthly but with public only one time per year. Recc meeting monthly with board but with public quarterly. All agreed.
Follow up: NV to get copy of bylaws.
Mission Statement.
General discussion leading towards something like “Empowering people to eat local food”… “through access, affordability, and education”.
Follow up: Get Susan’s three As and make sure they fit in.
2009 Goals
Discussion: NM: expand library series (change or have more), like idea of talk every month (add alt. pollinators), CSA/Farm list together with map and on web and published, community garden, build relationships with other organizations, get AT LEAST the required 20 members; improve the website. JH: work on stakeholder list and contacts, have co-sponsored events, perhaps get a stakeholder brochure; have at least 1 event a month; revive the tip of the month, farm tour. SR [read in by JH]: something for schools...a planting, get a feeler out to schools soon, have ongoing events at local businesses. JH: would be nice to get back to idea of co-op or at least buying seeds in bulk, fundraiser for SF. NV: increase membership, get energy for other projects, get organizations to pay for memberships, present to organizations to get input and buy-in, farm tour, continue library talks, and ULTIMATE: get a community garden going at VQ. LF: CSA/Farm list and map published and done, increase events, have more educational potlucks, be able to know and easily contact stakeholders, increase membership, get word out, think about TurkeyRama, look at expanding past MAC, get a Menu for the Future group going.
Pared Down Goals: monthly events (1. educational and/or social-at least 2 fundraisers); 2. CSA/Farm list maps; 3. Stakeholder list and contacts; 4. Membership to 20; 5. Network and get plan for school education and continue and expand seed planting project; 6. Support development of community-gardens especially through public agencies.
Motion: JH move to accept 6 goals for 2009; NM: 2nd. In favor: unanimous.
Follow up: To get 2009 goals into brochure (Lucy)
Activities, Events
General Discussion: JH: permaculture talk (Mike Fahey), farm tour, seed saving/heritage seed talk, water conservation/harvesting/drought friendly plantings talk, chicken keeping, local cheese/wine, etc. SR [read in by JH]: have events at businesses (Kame, R Stuart, HorseRadish, Panther Creek), “Tableland” at HorseRadish in March. JH: Potluck in conjunction with Greenfield , Menu for the Future with kickoff of in January. NM: cosponsor CoolMac rain barrel/cistern/drought friendly plant talk, alt pollinator talk-with native plant society or master gardeners? NV: combine potlucks with talks, perhaps have potluck in park, plant seeding at school, show ‘King Corn’; ‘Farmer John’. RT [read in by LF]: movies: The Real Dirt on Farmer John, How to Save the World, A Man Named Earl, Rainwater Collection, Peak Moment; Events: invite local chef for demo, permaculture, beneficial insects and pollinators, talk on cookware, talk on local vs. conventional foods. LF: many of above ideas plus repeat winter gardening and converting lawns to gardens.
Potential Calendar (Minimum):
i. Jan Show ‘Real Dirt on Farmer John’, Potluck, and intro to Menu to the Future at Baptist Church.
ii. Feb Talk at library- beekeeping (NOTE: this has since changed for political reasons—need to find new topic); Potluck at Linfield
iii. Mar Show ‘Tableland’ at the HorseRadish in Carlton
iv. April Year-Round Gardening Talk at Library (Kullas?)
v. May Plant and Celebrate Comm Garden at VQ
vi. June Seed Saving and NW Varieties talk at library
vii. July Canning with OSU Extension
viii. Aug Rainwater and DT Plant Talk at library?
ix. Sept Small Farm Tour and Potluck
x. Oct Lawn to Garden Talk at library (Blanding?)
xi. Nov
xii. Dec
Follow Up: Need to set schedule (library), make contacts, and make sure that we have everything that we want.
Subcommittees. Skip.
Follow up:
i. Does Susan have Bylaws? Nanette to check.
ii. By the 3rd: Everyone needs to think hard about how many board positions we might want, what ‘board’ positions we might want to have and what each board position will be responsible for (e.g. ‘Secretary- taking notes, collecting articles, etc.’)
Meeting Dates:
Decided to move board meetings to WEDNESDAYS at 5:15 Location TBD.
Next meeting will be December 3rd for current board members (plus Judi and Rick T.) at News Register, 5:15

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