Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nov. 10 minutes

In attendance: Nicole, Judi, Aimee, Lucy, Rick Thronburg, John Phillips

I. November 15th Movie and Panel. Meeting at 12 for brownbag. To bring following materials:
Nicole: invitation on blog, cards/paper for people to ‘submit’ ideas, 10 reasons to eat local.
Judi: Sign up sheets, Menu for the future publications, any SF publications
Lucy: Brochure (100), SQUASH,
Susan: doorprize and raffle stuff,

Lucy to talk 5-10 minutes on activities done so far, 2009 goals,

II. Powow. November 15th after Movie event. At Nannette’s. We’ll worry about food when we get there but it might be nice to have some wine to sip on…
1. Slow food: to be or not to be.
2. Formalize mission statement. (“empowering people to eat locally” (or something like that) or “expanding access to locally grown and produced food for everyone in the region”)
3. 2009 goals
4. Set list of activities/events for next year and begin to assign responsibility.
5. Revisit subcommittees (lucy to bring lists)

Lucy to bring a timetable for topics to be agreed upon at powow beginning.

III. Financial Reports. Susan motioned to have reports out quarterly and not monthly, Judi seconded, Lucy, Nicole, Judi: Aye.

IV. Misc.
Grant denied.
Nicole to work with Katie K. to update website.
Lucy: add John Phillips to meeting list.
Need follow up on Oakhill Organics Winter Farm Visit.
December Potluck. Theme: Christmases around the World. Lucy to find out date.
Event ideas: talks: local seed varieties that excel, beekeeping (FEB), Alternative pollinators, Extending the harvest with greenhouses, pruning. Movies: Dirt on Farmer John, A man Named Earl, Tableland.
Need a stakeholder list: Soil & Water, Mike Fahey –garden project. Greenfield , etc.
Need to follow up with Kullas regarding possibilities for 8000 sq ft plot in Mac.

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