Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Events Committee Meeting

Judi, Nannette, and I (Angelina) met at Cornerstone Coffee for our Events Committee meeting last Wednesday. Here are the notes:

We discussed the upcoming potluck:

  • Friday June 27 6:30pm to 9:30pm
  • bring one dish or item that was locally grown and/or produced
  • If bringing a dish- bring a copy of the recipe to add to our local recipe collection
  • Set up a table for slow food information- brochures on talks at the library, any other relevant brochures.
  • set up donation jar?
  • set up mailing list
Angelina will make the flyer for potluck (ahem! today.) for e-mailing
First pot luck is for slow food group and everyone in it to invite friends
no press release for first one

We discussed projects for schools to do:

  • growing carrots or other fall vegetables in cups- what vegetable check the Seattle Tilth's Maritime planting guide

Slow Food group's wish list:
We thought we should compile a list of things our group needs and can use that people can help us out with if they want to donate to the group

  • books to donate to the library
  • plastic cups for school planting projects
  • seeds for kids planting
  • paper reams for printing flyers
  • printer ink for producing flyers

If anyone else has ideas, please let Judi know.

We brainstormed things that people can do to get on board right now:

Anyone who wants to be involved in the slow foods movement and wants a hands on project to tackle, we need to have things they can do.

  • print up any of our flyers themselves and distribute amongst their friends and anywhere else they feel comfortable leaving them.

  • plant a row for food co-ops. We need to find out if local food co-ops and soup kitchens will take produce donated from private gardens or if it needs to come through official channels.

  • come up with a monthly seasonal tip on eating locally "seasonal eating tip for July..." or "five things you can do right now to eat more locally..." When someone asks "what can I do" we'll be ready with an answer.

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Nobu said...

Hello. I am a Yamhillian (?) as well as a teacher. Some of my colleagues requested the seeds and soil from you which is how I came to know you are about. I am interested in what your mission is and learning more about what you do. I would love to hear how the "local" challenge is going as well.

Malinda (